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Overseas Shipping Service

  • All of our goods are available in Overseas Shipping Service. If you are not living in Japan, simply follow the following steps to enjoy the shopping on our web store.

    NOTE: Do not use the built-in cart in the web store because it is only for the domestic customers.

    1. 1.Fill Order Forms

      Find the order forms at the bottom of this page and fill them with the required information. Then, press SUBMIT button.

      • - Your Name
      • - Item ID (brand name)
      • - Shipping Address
      • - Your Contact Phone Number
      • - Your Contact Email Address (PayPal ID)
    2. 2.Wait For Our Reply

      We will reply you by email with the total amount which includes freight cost and handling charge. The freight cost depends on the weight of the package.

    3. 3.Payment

      Only PayPal is available for the payment. We send a bill via PayPal to your account.


      PayPal site>>

    4. 4.Shipping

      When your payment is confirmed, we ship your package by EMS. (See details of EMS here) The tracking number will be informed you at the same time.


      EMS site>>

      • - We cannot accept any cancellation requests after dispatch the package.
      • - We are not responsible for theft or damaged shipments. Once an order is handed over to the delivery service, responsibility transfers to them.

    Order Forms

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